About Leah

First of all, thank you so much for the interest in Flint and Flame Photography.  I know how important documenting all of life's journey is, especially moments as unique as welcoming a new human into the world or celebrating the union to your partner on your wedding day.  I pride myself on my work being honest and authentic to what is happening at any moment throughout a session or wedding.  My goal is to capture all those exchanges and emotions between people as they are happening, rather than stage moments.  I work quietly and efficiently to capture and create an image that best represents that moment in time; my clients have often exclaimed "We couldn't believe these images, so many of them we didn't even realize you were there to take that picture!" With that being said, I do offer guidance and direction as needed to create a memorable group image or experience.  

I take my job very seriously as it is an honor to be able to be apart of some of the most memorable times in your lives.  To be given the opportunity to photograph and document a moment in any ones life is a gift and I want you to know how important it is to me.  These images are supposed to stand the test of time and be cherished from generation to generation, it is my job to photograph and edit these photos so that they accomplish this. When I look back to all 40+ weddings I have photographed in the last 4 years I am honored to have been invited back to capture new milestones of anniversaries, birthdays, and pregnancies. It is overwhelming to know that I am able to be trusted with ensuring the most precious moments are photographed time and again.  

Fun Tid-Bits about Leah:

~I began photographing weddings in 2013 due to another photographer having "happy accident" baby, whose due date fell on the couples wedding date.  I was called in and fell in love with the emotions, the people, and the moments that unfolded throughout the day. I went from happy hobbiest to I want to be a wedding photographer for the rest of my life within the course of a 12-hour wedding day. 

~ I live in Oakland OREGON (not California) on a 6 acre hobby farm with my husband, 4 year old, 1 year old, Mum, Sister 4 dogs, 1 cat, and a bunch of chickens. 

~I am a forever student, I love learning and trying new things! I majored in trombone performance & music education at Humboldt State University. My current education adventure has me reading and researching permaculture & kombucha, as well as expanding my photography knowledge by using prisms in my endeavors. Life is short and I plan on using it to learn and grow good food, art, humans, & creatures. 

~I look at photography from the musical side of my brain.  I was dreadfully scared of improvising in jazz band but the mechanics and skill set has been wired into my brain, so when it comes to new wedding venues or in-home sessions, really any location I have not gone to, my improv skills are called upon.  I have the ability to improvise with what is given to me in nearly every setting.  I like to think it is my photographer super-power. 

~During the school year I teach K-12 music full time!

~I am a happy hermit.  I love to be at home with my family (furry, feathered, and human) and enjoy the quiet of the countryside.